Animal Welfare Event Recordings

Session 1: Animal Welfare and Policy-Making

Prof Gail Davies (Professor of Human Geography, Exeter, member of UK Animals in Science Committee and participant in project ‘The Animal Research Nexus: Changing Constitutions of Science, Health and Welfare’) and Dr Penny Hawkins (Head, Research Animals Department, RSPCA)

Session 2: Animal Welfare and Policy-Making

Phil Brooke (Research and Education Manager, CIWF) 

Session 3: Animal Welfare Policy: What do the (post)humanities have to offer and how can we include them?

Dr Jonathan Birch (Associate Professor in Philosophy, LSE)

Session 4: Animal Welfare from Public Perception to Policy: Attitudes, Approaches, Language

Prof Henry Buller (Professor of more-than Human Geography, University of Exeter and former member of UK Farm Animal Welfare Committee) and Dr Erika Cudworth (Professor of Feminist Animal Studies, UEL)